Art of Underwater Photography


Underwater Photoshoot

is a unique experience in the photography field. 

It's like a dream where you awake.


How it is possible to book your dream look underwater photo session with us?

The first and fast option is just to call us. Roman and Lucas are very responsive and will be happy to help you to book an underwater photo session. Or file a form at the end of this page and we will contact you.

Do I have to know how to swim???

You do not have to know how to swim. Yessssss. It is surprising, Right? We will help you to learn how to prepare yourself for this type of photo session. There will be detailed instructions on how to get prepared.

What I will receive after the photo session?

You will receive:

  • link to the online album with your photos, you can share it with family and friends;

  • 5-10 professionally edited photos by our artists;

  • an album or prints can be ordered for an additional price. You can see a sample of it below.


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